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Clues as to why some advertisers have doubled their customer acquisition email marketing budgets

By Kelly Rogan, on 03 June 2015

Leveraging our assistance today to the OMExpo 2015 we want to give a few clues as to why some advertisers have doubled their email marketing budgets collection.

The customer acquisition email marketing is still very much alive. To this day it remains one of the most efficient and profitable channels in online marketing and is essential in most digital business strategies of e-commerce and online retail sales sector, thanks to its maturity and impact.


It is this maturity which requires that, in a multichannel, changing and complex as the current context, there are a number of keys and best practices that explain why many advertisers who have doubled their investment in it during the last year. We provide some:

To maximize the actions and minimize risks to the brand, it is vital to seek compensation models that guarantee a minimum opening as ensure this forms a 'tube' consistent traffic that can work with forecasts. 

  • The main responsibility of the shipping provider must be the analysis of trace complete conversion, which values ​​all KPI's linked to it. Thus, databases and segments that provide higher return to sound management of the budget can be identified. It is important to give the advertiser access to the results broken down and very transparent.
  • It is also essential to assess the profitability fairly, the allocation to channel benefits and conversions to other channels such as search or direct traffic.
  • Emailing allows us to spread offers and promotions including subscription models capturing data with the click to lead. After uptake traffic is directed to the site of the brand, fulfilling a dual purpose: calculation of visits and growth of the database.
  • In it also has a growing and necessary input content marketing, which is allowing us to recover open rates, click "worn" and establish a conversion funnel over the long term.
  • Adaptive emailing is a must, the most visible and memorable on mobile devices, thanks to its dimensions advertising format.
  • Finally, do not forget that their life cycle is much longer than advertising in social networks; it is why conversion rates are three times higher, and almost 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter, according to McKinsey & Company.


Estela Viñarás

Responsible for Customers Relationship at Cyberclick


Photo by Stuart Miles

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Kelly Rogan

International Business Developer and Digital Marketer at Social & Loyal