5 cases of Performance Marketing that will surprise you

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In today's post we will talk about 5 cases of Performance Marketing, which will surprise you. What kind of marketing is this? In short, we could say that performance marketing is the online marketing strategy in which the customer only pays for the results obtained by the strategy, not the strategy itself. That is, the customer will pay more if they have obtained better results and they won’t pay anything if the strategy or campaign has not achieved results. Generally, these conversions for which the customer pays are usually a download, a lead, a purchase or a click.

To better understand how performance marketing works the we will study 5 cases of success:


  • Financial Times

The Financial Times launched a risky performance marketing campaign in order to attract a larger number of young readers and to commit more to the newspaper. In this way, they managed to identify the problem; it is needed to increase ad exposure subscription to get more conversions. Similarly, it was concluded that the campaign should involve a combination of channels, giving more importance to support the video. Thus, it managed to increase the number of clicks and the number of subscriptions to the newspaper.


  • Volkswagen

The purpose of Volkswagen in performance marketing strategy was to offer more personalized messages to customers. It was through the study and analysis of customer behavior and launching personalized messages such as test-drives of new cars, etc. Thus, the cost per lead was decreased by 26% and the number of potential customers increased.


  • House of Fraser

The online fashion store House of Fraser is one of the most significant cases of triumph in performance marketing. The brand identified serious problems in their affiliate campaigns, so they decided to start working with a leading marketing agency to launch a major performance marketing strategy. They got more than 83% of participants to receive a commission for their participation. Thus, it gives more value to users that were previously undervalued by the traditional model and also gives them a clearer idea of ​​the role they play in the company throughout the purchase process.



  • Churchill Insurance

The insurance company wanted to increase its home insurance customer base. To this end, it launched a successful campaign to offer free coffee to all of its new customers. Thus, more than 300 sales with traditional campaigns were achieved, representing an 50% conversion increase.


  • Waitrose

Their strategy was to understand how to get their different marketing channels to increase company direct sales. The company could identify the real impact of each channel and to take full advantage. Thus, it significantly increased revenue conversions in the three months of the campaign.


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