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5 reasons not to buy fake followers in social networks

By Laia Cardona, on 17 November 2015

The desire that some brands possess to boast followers in their social networks can make them fall into the temptation of buying fake followers. It’s a mistake! In no time you’ll have thousands of followers, but we cannot then generate interaction with them. By purchasing invented users you loose the essence of a social network, ceasing to be social and to become a real desert where there seems to be no life. Are you tempted to resort to buying these applications followers? I recommend that, before falling into the wrong temptation, you review the five reasons not to buy fake followers on social networks:


#1. Bye, bye Clients One of the goals of achieving quality followers on corporate networks, whether it is Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, is that you get potential contacts that in the future can become customers. To achieve this conversion we need to generate good impressions: posting interesting content, sharing information from other users, getting mentions, retweets, likes and other people's comments. This can only be achieved if the community you have created is real and they really are passionate about your industry or brand. But if you have opted for buying fake followers for many posts, your profile will only be a desert, without any movement and will not impress any potential customer.

#2. Reputation? What is that? Along with the loss of business opportunities and a seamless brand image, buying fake followers also causes the valuable opportunity to create our online reputation to be lost. The more fake users that we have in our accounts the lower the accuracy our company has on the Internet.

#3. Imbalance between social networks. Normally, companies that choose to buy fake followers do so only on one of their profiles. This causes an imbalance that does nothing other than to call into question the reputation of the company in the network. Thus, it is very common to see brands with many followers on Twitter and Facebook, for example, and instead have their Instagram or LinkedIn accounts nearly empty.

#4. Anyone there? Users interact when they see movement in profiles. Do not expect the few real followers you have in your accounts to participate if they do not see any movement from other users in your accounts.

#5. Better a few good than many bad. The number of followers of a page or an account is not synonymous with quality. It is preferable to have fewer followers, but of quality and active than to have many bad followers, as in the case of the white little Twitter eggs.


Laia Cardona


Photo by Anthony Stone (Flickr)

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