Email Marketing 

Despite popular opinion regarding the oversaturation of users, the increasing strictness of Spam filters and the occasionally mediocre database management, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective and profitable methods for advertisers in terms of return.

The execution of the most effective actions involves an increasingly sophisticated level of knowledge concerning each piece of the process: Senders, subjects, messages and calls-to-action, html structures and landing pages, forms, mailing list segmentations and delivery automation.

  • We take responsibility of the entire process, including the initial assessment to clarify the target and communication goals. The counseling concerning the ideal strategy is vital (Answering the question “Where do we start?”).
  • Campaign creation: we provide support in the design of the emails, landing pages and forms, always with the goal of maximizing the CTRs and LTRs. We deal with the claims and content with the utmost care and attention, so that our conversion rate never falls short of our clients expectations.
  • Testing creative elements and market reactivity. We never commit an investment or promise certain results without having gone through the testing phase. In this step we test several different creative elements and messages, to find the best formula. We also measure the market’s reaction to the campaign and the quality of the traffic (we need our clients’ sales data to move forward).
  • Stats analysis. We provide you with all metrics with the utmost transparency, both globally and specific to each of the databases that participated in the test.
  • Determination of the optimum costs that ensure the short and long term viability of the campaigns. The testing phase determines whether the initial monetary parameters set for the campaign are ideal or whether they should change (both the higher and lower limit). Only then do we set the steps for increasing the scale of reach and dynamics into motion.
  • Promotion through our exclusive support network with the highest quality indexes. Our core promise, over and above the acquisition of a large amount of registrations, is the quality and care in obtaining the optimum CPAs for our clients.
  • We promise the ultimate proactivity in incorporating and testing new elements in older campaigns: the Internet is fast moving and ever changing, and so are we in our actions. If a campaign works very well, surely there must be a way to make it work even better! ☺

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