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Your email-marketing program is your secret weapon!

By Laia Cardona, on 07 October 2015

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, but often it is not used to its full extent. Many companies do not see the need to innovate beyond imitating the good ideas from competitors, or simply those responsible are so engrossed in the day-to-day that they cannot find time to experiment. So today we will teach you how to design a program for sending really effective emails. 


How I can improve my email-sending program?

The visible elements of an email such as videos or symbols and the number of products displayed are just the tip of the iceberg. They are very easy to copy and can seem very simple ... but as the true icebergs, the important thing is beneath the surface.

If you want to make a real difference with your email program, it is time to analyze and take advantage of your database to define your strategies. It is a mine of information that your competitors do not have access to: they simply cannot imitate you because they will not know what you're doing and how. For example, how about consumption data across different products to cross-sell or offer your customers real-time content based on their proximity to a physical store?


5 Ideas to better leverage data in your emails 

  • 1) Do not let the creativity be random. When designing an email, you should consider analytical factors such as the stage of the sales cycle of the customer, the action you want them to do (a purchase? a download?) And how they can take that action (through your page web, phone, in person...). While aesthetics are important, do not forget that the ultimate goal is to achieve results. 
  • 2) Align the creativity and segmentation. Again, it is important to be strategic when designing creativity. The design of each email should fit snugly to the target, the time it is sent and the intended result.
  • 3) React quickly. Making quick decisions and implementing them will give you an extra edge over your competitors. With proper strategy, you can use your program sending emails to communicate with your customers almost in real time; for example, if you just your book a flight online with a travel agency, you can suggest hotels for those dates.
  • 4) Improve your results with smaller campaigns. Or, in other words, "divide and conquer". Small email campaigns, segmented according to the interests and actions of users, often do better than large ones. 
  • 5) Find the perfect moment. It is not enough evidence to make general shipping time: you need to adapt to each location and each consumer. Tools like AudiencePoint, or even your own email delivery program can help you achieve it.


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