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Why the need arises for native advertising before the advance of AdBlock

By Laia Cardona, on 04 September 2015

In a context of progressive saturation of traditional online marketing channels and in which sales targets do not stop, we are presented with the challenge of finding alternative ways to attract new potential customers. Many of these consumers are tired of intrusive advertising and for this reason applications that block this type of content are installed: such as Adblock. They block malware domains, banners, popups and video ads- including Facebook and YouTube. Hence why there is a need for Native Advertising before the advance of AdBlock.
Users have been saturated with traditional formats that interrupt their navigation display and prefer advertising that offers relevant information. Native advertising is ideal for advertisers to reach their target audience in a positive position, with quality that generates engagement, and the prospect is perfect since they themselves decide whether to consume this type of advertising or not and feel they are offered content that arouses interest them.
If the ads are found within the content then they cannot be blocked, as with AdBlock. A recent study by Adobe and PageFair exposes the number of people who install extensions in their browsers to get rid of annoying advertising. According to the data, there are 144 million consumers of AdBlock, i.e. 5% of users. Many people install these solutions due to the highly intrusive ads, such as windows 'popovers' and 'interstitials' sections that last for a limited time and usually obscure the page you are trying to view. More and more direct conversion costs.
Therefore, publishers and marketers increasingly propose campaigns with content advertising to improve participation and bring higher returns for the brand and the advertiser. With these advertisements we get into the skin of consumers and seek an advertising solution that connects to them by offering valuable content with which to interact and learn.
David Tomas @davidtomas gave a very interesting presentation on Native Advertising during the last edition of Inbound Marketing Made in Madrid 2015.

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