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Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Estela Viñarás, on 28 Nov 2019

20 Creative and Powerful Facebook Ad Examples

Do you need inspiration for you next Facebook Ads campaign? Well you’ve come to the right place!Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By David Tomas, on 18 Nov 2019

The 7 Best Selling Products on Social Media

One of the most common arguments from decision-makers about social media campaigns is that “social networks don't sell.” But this excuse is old news! There are some items that actually sell very well on social media. The latest results of the annual ...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Nerea Boada, on 11 Nov 2019

How to Make a Social Media Marketing Plan (8 Steps)

When I started my first social media marketing internship, the thought of planning out my social media strategy sounded like a total waste of time. After all, I’ve been on social media since I was in school. I don’t need to strategize or plan my post...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Laia Cardona, on 05 Nov 2019

What is Tik Tok and how can brands use it

Tik Tok is the new kid on the block in the world of social media marketing, and marketers are starting to pay attention. In just a short amount of time, this social network has managed to reach over 500 million users… and, if you're not a Gen Zer or ...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Oier Gil, on 22 Oct 2019

10 Exciting Instagram Trends To Keep Track of In 2020

With 50% of people on Instagram following at least one business page, and more than 1 billion monthly active users, its safe to say Instagram is a massive marketing tool.Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Oier Gil, on 14 Oct 2019

How to Develop a Social Media Management Strategy (Advanced Level)

As a social media manager or social media strategist, you are tasked with designing a successful social media strategy for your brand or company. Developing a great social media plan can make or break your digital marketing plan’s objectives, so it’s...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Chantal India, on 10 Oct 2019

How To Boost eCommerce with Facebook Ads using Product Catalog

Promoting the products in your online store is an essential task for your brand strategy. Promotion helps to introduce your business to new audiences, and to re-engage your most loyal customers. One way to boost your ecommerce business is by integrat...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads By Walter Moore, on 09 Oct 2019

Best Photos And Videos To Drive More Social Media Traffic Towards Your Site

The best thing about social media is that you get a large number of channels to use. When you use such a cross platform for your business marketing purpose, you automatically increase the chances of getting a large number of traffic towards your busi...Read more

Tags: Social Media & Social Ads, Instagram By Walter Moore, on 02 Oct 2019

Double the Traffic with Instagram Marketing – A Brief Guide

You are probably aware of the massive popularity of social media networking platforms among the public. Like most entrepreneurs, you may be wondering whether to use this trend as a marketing strategy. Taking such a step can be instrumental in helping...Read more

Tags: Social Marketing, Social Media & Social Ads By Jessica Bubenheim, on 08 May 2019

What are we actually doing on social media?

Social media today, have become routine use in everyday life. Whether it's checking out Whatsapp notifications in the morning, using Instagram to upload a story at noon. The average person will spend more than five years of their lives using social m...Read more