How the Facebook Chatbot is changing Digital Marketing forever

Posted by Chantal India on Jul 19, 2016 2:00:00 PM

The realm of digital marketing is always changing and expanding at a rapid pace. As a result of this, both companies and individuals are looking for new and exciting ways to gain a larger presence on the internet through content related websites as well as social media. Social media is quickly becoming one of the go-to venues for digital marketing, as the user base is both expanding at an alarming rate and active at the same time.

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Achieve your marketing objectives through PR

Posted by Alba Fraile (Autora invitada) on May 17, 2016 2:00:00 PM

Many CMOs focus their marketing strategies on performance marketing actions such as emailing and social ads and often forget about Public Relations. PR is crucial when working on building product awareness, rebranding strategies, creating interest and stimulating demand for your product.

Nowadays PR strategies are often executed through Content Marketing actions in non-branded content hubs, such as alternative blogs and microsites. Putting the two together is a secure way to increase your ROI and make sure your brand’s voice is heard and understood properly in a very valuable way, by offering your audience high quality content and information that fulfills their information needs and interests. However, you need to make sure the content you create and post under your brand’s name follows a previously determined strategy that is completely aligned with your company’s goals and marketing objectives. Your PR action plan can’t be conceived as independent from the rest of your Marketing tactics, with the new rules of engagement between marketers, publicists and journalists, it’s unlikely that actions and strategies that worked in the past do it nowadays.

Tags: Publicidad Online & Publicidad Digital

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