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Tags: Cyberclick By Berta Campos, on 22 Aug 2018

Chief Happiness Officer: What do they do and why are they important?

I come bearing excellent news: employee happiness in the workplace has become a trend. The new position on everyone’s list is no longer the CEO or CTO, but rather the CHO: Chief Happiness Officer. Although its presence in company is not very widespre...Read more

Tags: Cyberclick, Happiest Company, Content Marketing By Jessica Bubenheim, on 25 Oct 2017

Marketing Dream Team: redefining success

We’re on the pursuit of happiness. Since the beginning of time, all that mankind really longs for is to chase their dreams and find happiness along the way. At Cyberclick, we’ve seen that these aspirations are not only possible in personal lives, ins...Read more

Tags: Cyberclick By Cyberclick, on 16 Jan 2017

How Cyberclick applies its Company Values to the digital marketing world

Here at Cyberclick, we believe that company values are essential to becoming and maintaining a happy company. One of our secrets to a smiling team (even on a Monday morning!) is as simple as having a team who truly believe in what they do, and works ...Read more

Tags: Cyberclick, Happiest Company By Laia Cardona, on 11 May 2016

Tekstum: The Internet's emotional Big Data shows us what books are going big

Here at Cyberclick we absolutely love reading, whether on paper or in digital formats. Sometimes we recommend books or publications that we found useful, so that you can join us in our enthusiasm in our new discoveries. Moreover, every trimester we a...Read more

Tags: Twitter, Cyberclick, Online Marketing & Digital Marketing, Redes Sociales & Social Ads, App Marketing & Publicidad Móvil, Happiest Company By Cyberclick, on 22 Apr 2016

Happy World Book Day from Cyberclick: Have 6 digital marketing eBooks as our gift to you! 

Tomorrow, the 23rd of April, is the World Book Day. The whole team here at Cyberclick would like to wish you a fantastic day in advance. Walk through book parades and visit the different literary activities offered by your city. But don’t forget! Not...Read more

Tags: Cyberclick By Laia Cardona, on 10 Mar 2016

How to give your company the perfect retreat (this is how we do it at Cyberclick)

Last week here at Cyberclick we celebrated our Winter Retreat. For two days we retreated from the temptations of the modern world and went out to the country to let our creative sides out and unite our team. Moving our office to a rural house helped ...Read more

Tags: Cyberclick, Online Marketing & Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing By Kelly Rogan, on 13 Jan 2016

The 10 digital marketing skills most sought by companies

How do the Spanish firms compare in today's digital environment? Are we up to other countries in terms of digital skills most sought by companies or are we still a long way to go? Thanks to the latest study by the ICEMD (Institute of Digital Economy)...Read more

Tags: Cyberclick By Cyberclick, on 12 Jan 2016

7 motivational videos for marketers that you cannot miss

Motivation is undoubtedly one of the keys to make the best of ourselves. Therefore, in the post today I bring you the 7 motivational videos for marketers that you cannot miss. They are clear examples of what can be achieved through the generation of ...Read more

Tags: Cyberclick, Digital Marketing By Cyberclick, on 14 Dec 2015

Cyberclick Group tops the list of Great Place to Work again

Today was one of those days that started out normal and became incredible. By mid afternoon they announced that the Cyberclick Group is the best SMEs to work for in Spain for the second consecutive year. The HR consultancy Great Place to Work announc...Read more

Tags: Cyberclick By Cyberclick, on 25 Sep 2015

We are looking for the SALES MANAGER 2.0

At Cyberclick we want to incorporate a professional who is passionate for the world of communication, advertising and sales techniques 2.0, with a preference for the world of the Internet and online trends.Read more