AdBlock Plus launches their own Ad Exchange

Posted by David Tomas on Oct 17, 2016 2:00:00 PM

In their war against intrusive ads, the famous adblocker Adblock Plus comes bearing surprising news. Along with Google and AppNexus, the creators of this adblocker launched their own automated ads market (Ad Exchange) to support ads that meet their quality criteria. Today I would like to talk about this interesting news, and how it affects the online marketing world.

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Mobile operator Three implements ad blocking. Learn why here!

Posted by Kelly Rogan (Autora invitada) on Jun 1, 2016 2:00:00 PM

 The war between ad block fans and advertisers continues. Recently, mobile operator Three made a crucial step by confirming that they will introduce ad blocking into their networks in Italy and the United Kingdom, where they have over 9 million users. It has now become the first high-ranking European operator to support mobile ad blocking. Find out why!

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The U.S. press sees Advertising blockers as a threat! When they are your allies!

Posted by Laia Cardona on Jan 16, 2016 8:00:00 AM

The group attacks return that are against the Adblocks. This time, the person who started the outcry was David Chavern, president and CEO of the Newspaper Association of America (NAA with its acronym in English), who said that the AdKillers are the main enemy faced by professional journalists, since the advertising format that helps the media to survive is threatened because of this software and its continuous advance. 

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Digital Advertising: Cyberclick's Memorandum in favor of AdBlockers

Posted by Cyberclick on Dec 21, 2015 8:47:52 PM

No, we have not gone mad: Cyberclick is an advertising and digital marketing company in favor of advertising blockers. So today we want to tell you in this memorandum the reasons for adBlocks.

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Yahoo's big mistake! To block AdBlock users

Posted by Kelly Rogan (Autora invitada) on Dec 15, 2015 12:56:35 PM

More and more users choose to use adBlocks and more and more companies look for ways to bypass this restriction so that their advertising revenues do not decrease. The last one is Yahoo, which has committed the big error of blocking users who have adBlocks.

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3 Incredible Solutions to avoid Adblocks affecting your business

Posted by Kelly Rogan (Autora invitada) on Dec 12, 2015 12:44:45 AM

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The origins of adBlocks

Posted by Laia Cardona on Sep 22, 2015 4:20:00 PM

The Adblocks, as we have mentioned in previous articles, are programs or extensions that allow the user to enjoy uninterrupted navigation. That is, without being displayed banners, pop-ups or other advertising formats that interrupt your web surfing. Currently, there are plenty of different advertising blockers, due to its great popularity and having experienced tremendous growth in recent years. But how and where did the first adblock emerge? What have these advertising blockers changed for online advertising?

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Chrome penalizes the use of AdBlock extension

Posted by Laia Cardona on Sep 10, 2015 6:16:00 PM

On September 7, users of AdBlock and Google Chrome browser found a little welcome surprise when entering Youtube. Not only did the blocker did not work as usual, but also the option to "Skip ad" had disappeared from the videos, forcing them to see ads of up to 3 minutes long before accessing the chosen content. Twitter reactions and complaints in the help forum AdBlock were immediate.

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Put an AdBlock in your life: The final list

Posted by Laia Cardona on Sep 10, 2015 6:01:00 PM

To put or not to put an adblock in your life? The answer depends on several factors: on one side are your needs as a user, as it can become annoying to see how ads appear continuously while you are viewing the contents on the web to which you have agreed to, but on the other hand there is a question ethics, and you're able to view a page for free thanks to advertising. But while you are thinking of this dilemma, I will propose a definitive list of Internet AdBlocks to help you if you decide to settle an ad blocker.

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Why the need arises for native advertising before the advance of AdBlock

Posted by Laia Cardona on Sep 4, 2015 3:07:00 PM

In a context of progressive saturation of traditional online marketing channels and in which sales targets do not stop, we are presented with the challenge of finding alternative ways to attract new potential customers. Many of these consumers are tired of intrusive advertising and for this reason applications that block this type of content are installed: such as Adblock. They block malware domains, banners, popups and video ads- including Facebook and YouTube. Hence why there is a need for Native Advertising before the advance of AdBlock.

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