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Tags: Content Marketing, 2018 By Laia Cardona, on 17 Jul 2019

2019 Guide to Content Marketing

By now, you’ve surely heard at some point the phrase “Content is King”. Far from going out of fashion, content marketing continues to be as important as ever for marketers. In fact, according to a study by DemandMetric, 78% of CMOs believe that custo...Read more

Tags: 2018, Google By Laia Cardona, on 18 Jul 2018

Google Ads in Digital Marketing

Google is integrating technologies such as machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) in several of its advertising offerings. Google is looking to take the automation of ad campaigns to another level.Read more

Tags: 2018, Video Marketing By Chantal India, on 01 Jan 2018

Top 10 video marketing trends for 2018

We’ve all heard of the marketing trend in video, which has been gaining prominence in digital marketing. The video marketing trend in past years has been simply phenomenal. To get an idea, let’s try something, a visualization. I’d like you to close y...Read more

Tags: Strategy, 2018 By Jessica Bubenheim, on 15 Nov 2017

Marketing Managers & ‘Design Thinking’

The term ‘Design thinking’ can be coined a clever marketing buzzword. The concept is not particularly new- but it’s certainly hot, and definitely great clickbait. Today I’d like demonstrate how the concept of ‘design thinking’ relates to marketing at...Read more