The three year online marketing plan is dead (it changes daily)

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David Tomas

For marketers, marketing plans have always been the map that allows us to guide through all the possible actions of communication and maintain our brand's course. In a land so full of distractions and false leads, online marketing is more important than ever to know where we are going ... but the three year online marketing plan is dead (it changes daily).
In the early days of digital marketing, it was not uncommon to find plans for one, two or even three years from now. This type of planning came from the much more static traditional marketing channels ... but the reality of online marketing today is very different:
1 # The first key factor to consider in our plan is that today we have more data than ever ... even more than we need! Thanks to tools like Google Analytics or social networks statistics measuring, we can know what is happening at all times and in real time.
2 # Secondly, online marketing is a constantly changing environment. The standards by which we were guided three years ago have little to do with the reality now. Consider for instance the Google algorithm changes or updates to social networks, such as the inclusion of sponsored Instagram videos. If  you are working with a closed online marketing plan, you will be wasting many opportunities.
3 # Finally, we must also consider the preferences and abilities of users vary continuously. For example, in just 2 trimesters 3# of the preferences are from American teenagers. If you want to communicate effectively with your potential customers you need to take this factor into account.
However, we still need strategies and planning to maintain the direction we want and let us not be carried away by improvisation. How can we continue to do effective online marketing plans? The answer is to stop thinking about online marketing plans as a detailed "map" and move to consider them as a "compass" that will help us move forward. So, we will use the marketing plan to define the overall objectives of our brand, but will review the results and trends monthly or even weekly to correct the actions that are taking place and decide the next steps. Only then can we ensure that our brand will succeed in the changing but exciting world of online marketing.

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