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Social Marketing: what is it and how to convert more?

By Berta Campos, on 18 July 2016

Social Marketing or social media marketing has been around for quite a while, but not all companies are able to take advantage of its full potential. If you want to give your brand a boost on social media, you need to know exactly what social marketing is, how to design a plan that fits you just right and what techniques to use to convert more and improve your results.


What Social Marketing is and how to design a social media plan

Social media marketing is being talked about all over the place, but would you be able to explain exactly what it is? Put simply, marketing on social networks groups different strategies to promote a company or brand on blogs and other online environments, forums, content gatherers, SEO, SEM, social networks and any other similar channel that may develop in the future.

With so many places and variable, social media marketing becomes a very complex subject. This is why, before launching yourself into the world that is social media, you need to have a good plan that covers at least the following aspects:

  • The objectives of your company’s online presence. When defining them, I find it very useful to keep the SMART acronym in mind: Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-bound.
  • Which KPIs you will be measuring to evaluate your results. If you want to find out how many kilometers are left to arrive at your destination, it would be foolish to look at a compass. Well social media metrics are the some kind of situation - make sure you are measuring what really matters.
  • A communication plan. Don’t be on social media just for the sake of being there - make sure to be sending a message that will interest you potential audience.
  • An action plan / campaign that details every step you will take to reach your goals, in all the different phases. Remember to be realistic with your deadlines or you’ll find yourself in trouble further on.
  • An online reputation crisis plan. Even the best brand in the world can find themselves in an unexpected crisis caused by an angry customer or a communication misunderstanding, so always be ready to know what to do if and when it happens.

When making your plans, never forget that one of the most important aspects of a solid social marketing plan is that it must be flexible and adaptable. The most defining characteristic of social networks is the interaction that exists between users, and this is unpredictable by nature, meaning you always have to be ready to change your strategy when needed.


5 techniques to convert more

Now that we are clear on what marketing on social networks is and how to implement it in our companies, the next question is how can we convert more with our campaigns? In that sense, here are 5 trending techniques to help improve your results.

1) Adapt to the new times of video with Periscope

The mobile age is already upon us: according to Google, mobile traffic overtook that of desktop worldwide in 2015. As our internet consumption behaviors change, our formats and campaigns have to adapt.

2015 was also the year of the launch of Periscope, an app especially designed for sharing videos directly through Twitter. Periscope makes the most of the mobile feature by natively integrating with Twitter, making Periscope videos more accepted among Twitter users than others. Make the most of this trend to convert more by creating your own TV channel for your brand.

2) Goodbye banners, hello native ads

Facing the rise of ad blockers, native ads have become more vital than ever. Users are fed up with intrusive advertising and show it by blocking them on their desktops and mobile devices. The answer is not to keep forcing ads on people who are not interested, but instead invest in creating advertising that truly brings them some value.

Native advertising cannot be as easily blocked because it is not something external to the content itself - it is a part of it. Instead of creating ads, offer your users articles that they are truly interested in, and videos that can help solve their problems. Make them want to actively search for your content instead of running away from it, and see how wonderful the results can be.

3) Integrate purchase buttons into your social marketing

Purchase buttons integrate ecommerce into social marketing, making possible to purchase without leaving the platform. With the launch of Twitter’s “Buy Now” button last year, a new way of achieving conversions has been born. The advantages for brands are very clear: the simpler and more direct the purchasing process, smaller are the chances of the user abandoning it. This is a great way to make the most of this trend and combine it with your best lines of text to optimize your results.

4) Use microsegmentation

It’s not only about what you say, but who you say it to. Marketing day shows us more and more everyday about audiences and how to give them what they need. Combining this knowledge with the latest trends of applying artificial intelligence to ads, we can take customization to its extreme by creating campaigns for very small and specific targets, segmented by the pages they follow, their hobbies, the destinations they choose for their holidays, the brands they interact with, etc. There’s a whole world of possibilities at our feet!

5) Do not disregard influencer marketing

Influencers have been trending for years now and they still have a lot to offer us, on YouTube as well as on blogs, social networks and other channels.Search for profiles that will really be able to “move” your target audience and collaborate with them intelligently: don’t just pay for product reviews! Influencers can help you go significantly far, give credibility to your brand, obtain user generated content, virality and, most importantly, give a human touch to your company.

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