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Social ads are one of the quickest and most effective ways to connect with our target audience. Over the last few years, Facebook has developed a very competent and complete advertising solution, with no lack of tools to create our ads exactly as we want them, directed at the perfect audience.

But the best of Facebook Ads is still to come, as they are constantly perfecting their interface to be as precise as it possibly can. If you are able to fully understand and master all its new features and details, your limits are pretty much blown out of the water. Which is why I would like to tell you today about this network’s 3 new advertising features, which will allow you to perfect your ads down to a T.

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1) Audience Network’s improved location filters

Audience Network is Facebook’s advertising network, that amplifies your campaign to go even beyond the borders of the network itself. Audience Network ads are published on apps and mobile websites, instantaneous articles and videos.

This tool has the same segmentation, mediation and delivery options as Facebook, but until now, you were not able to exclude any locations, apps or content from where your ads were shown. The latest feature is a function that will be introduced gradually, allowing you to restrict your ad from being shown in:

  • Specific categories. You can block your campaigns on dating, politics and religion apps or websites.
  • URL domains and apps. You can upload a blacklist of specific websites and apps where you do not want your ad to be displayed.

Together with Audience Network’s traditional double checking system (automation + human revision), this new feature gives you control over the context in which your ads are displayed.

To activate this feature, all you have to do is click on Show Advanced Audience Network Options when configuring your campaign locations. Then, go to Explore to select the categories you want to block or Activate Blacklist for Audience Network to restrict specific places.


2) Lookalike Audiences in other countries

Facebook Ads’ Lookalike audiences allows you to search for Facebook users who share characteristics with other, pre existing audiences, such as as their location, age, gender or interests. For example, you can use it to locate users with profiles similar to your current clients.

Until now, this Lookalike function could only be used to look for users in the same country. But this limitation has now disappeared: you can now use the tool to search for users with common characteristics in other countries, making internationalization strategies significantly easier to set in motion.

There are a few of things to keep in mind:

  • To create a lookalike audience, the original database must have at least 100 people of the same country.
  • You do not need to have anyone from the country you are trying to target in your original audience. For example, if your original audience is made up of 5000 people in the USA, you can use it to create a lookalike audience in Canada or the United Kingdom.
  • The personalized audiences sources can be based on an app, a conversion pixel or a Facebook page.


3) Global demographic segmentation

Last but not least, the third new feature in social ads is the ability to target your ads at a global audience, make it even easier to internationalize campaigns. Before now, Facebook Ads only allowed you to segment your campaigns by country, meaning that global campaigns had to be created manually, causing discrepancies in the algorithm.

At the moment, these new segmentation options can only be applied to website conversion campaigns, app install campaigns or app engagement campaigns.

Here are some key points to this new feature:

  • Keep in mind that you can not only target your social ads at a global audience, but also a single region (like Asia, for example) or an free-trade zone (such as the European Economic Area).
  • You can also exclude specific areas from a region, like targeting Europe, but excluding France, for example.
  • If your ads prove to be more successful in certain locations, it will reallocate a larger part of your budget to those locations. In your ad administration area, you can see any budget reallocations.
  • Facebook recommends using the same language for each ad group, so you might have to create separate ad groups for different regions.


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