Simplifying SEO To Help Your Business Succeed

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The realm of digital marketing continues to change faster than most can keep up with, but it has become clear that the best way to establish and grow a business’ brand is to have a strong online presence. Strong online presences are most often associated with good search engine optimization so that the most efficient clients are targeted for your business. The problem with effective search engine optimization is that it can be quite daunting to everyone involved, even those team members who are most experienced can have difficulties understanding the scale of search engine optimization.

Effective search engine optimization has become an important tool for businesses to use, as it helps to dictate and report where the business is going online. The only problem is that those reports from SEO can often feel overwhelming, and elude to a sinking sensation without finding a life raft to hold onto. Search engine optimization tools that are available to companies on a real-time basis are things like conversions, rankings, click-through rates, cost per click volumes, peak click times, etc. It is easy to see how even the most experienced SEO experts will say that search engine optimization was complex a decade ago, let alone how it continues to evolve with each passing day. So the question remains, how do you and your team simplify SEO to help your business succeed, without getting overwhelmed in the daunting digital marketing realm?

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Figure Out The Goal

Every business or company is different in terms of what they are hoping to accomplish online. Some businesses want to have better communication, provide a resource to consumers, or develop their brand and increase awareness. The best way to simplify SEO is to understand what the goal is. There are a few basic questions that can be answered quite simply by you and your team, to make sure everyone is on the same page. First, what is the purpose of the website?

Understanding the purpose of the website helps to align the tactical plan to roll out effective search engine optimization techniques. If you and your team don’t understand the goal and purpose of your website, then it is impossible to simplify SEO to succeed. Answering this first question will also help you to determine what you are hoping to achieve through the SEO efforts.

The second question that should be answered by you and your team is what measurements you will use to determine if your SEO efforts are successful? As previously mentioned above, there are hundreds of reports that are available through SEO tools, but that doesn’t mean you and your team have to use them. Success through SEO efforts can be as simple as increased traffic, better click-through rates, increased conversions/sales, higher revenues, or longer length of visits on the website. Understanding how you will measure your efforts will help to develop the SEO techniques you will use so that you don’t have conflicting strategies.

The last question you should consider with your team is based on your competitors. What are your competitors doing? Analyze the competitors in the field you will be facing. Are they doing something well, are you and your team hoping to differentiate yourself, is there something you can learn from their past mistakes? Answering this question is important because you can identify windows of opportunity that you and your team might have overlooked previously.

To figure out how to simplify SEO, you need to answer these questions:

  • Purpose of the Website?
  • What Measurements Will Be Used?
  • Competitor Analysis?


Build An Effective Strategy And Set It Into Motion

Once you have the questions above answered, you and your team can start building an SEO campaign that will properly align with the strategy needed for your website. Understanding where to begin will make it so that you don’t have to retrace your steps like so many others already do within the digital marketing industry.

Once you’ve carefully outlined your strategy, and taken the time to review it to make sure that it aligns properly, then you can go ahead to set it into motion. It’s important to note that once you set the ball rolling down the hill, it’s harder to course correct than before it begins. It doesn’t mean it can’t course correct at all, however.


Make Adjustments When Necessary and Be Proactive

As with any digital marketing campaign, course corrections will need to occur as the marketing world changes. It is important to make sure that when a bump in the road occurs, that you are willing and able to course correct your SEO strategy without having to go back to step zero.


In summation, simplifying search engine optimization campaigns are possible even though it can seem too complex to grasp. Simplifying your SEO campaign boils down to understanding the direction in which you wish to move with your SEO efforts, a solid strategy that can carry out the direction, and adjustments that can be made without sacrificing all the work beforehand.


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