Performance optimization in Marketing and how it benefits advertisers

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Estela Viñarás

There are constantly new terms popping up from every direction in digital marketing, making it vital to be permanently up to date. Today I am going to talk about a concept that can help radically improve your company’s results: performance marketing optimization. Let’s go!


What is performance optimization in marketing?

Long story short, performance optimization consists in optimizing your marketing results on all channels, based on a detailed analysis of your metrics and KPIs.

To develop a successful performance marketing optimization strategy, the first step is to share which tactics and channels you have tried and the respective results. Knowing that, recommendations are elaborated based on your main KPIs.

The goal is not only to meet your objectives, but that you do it using the right channels for each moment and to mature your product and/or brand, at the lowest possible cost and with the highest possible return. To do so, you need to optimize the following elements:

  • Messages
  • Images
  • Calls to action
  • Segmentations
  • Landing pages


Checklist: how to apply performance marketing optimization to my brand?

To start optimizing your marketing efforts and maximizing your results straight away, I’d like to share this list of performance marketing recommendations with you:

  • Try all options before making any decisions. Carefully measure each of your channel’s metrics and identify the highest conversion ratio to distribute your budget to perfection.
  • Analyze your customer journey. If you are a brand of clothing, you probably will have noticed that people who buy the summer collection usually return later to update their accessories. So use this knowledge about your customer to your advantage to convert more of your visitors into clients. Pay attention to the number of conversions but also to the previous steps: where did the people who bought in the end lick before their purchase?
  • Observe your contact points with your clients: how did they arrive at your website? If you know exactly which channel attracts most sales, you can optimize it to improve your results.
  • Go multichannel. Nowadays you need to integrate all channels to be able to know what is going on with your brand. For example, receiving one of your email marketing communications can make a user post something on social media that can, in turn, bring a lead. And never forget how often users switch between desktop, phone and tablet.
  • Increase your campaigns’ effectiveness with real-time follow-ups. In moments of crisis, be it due to reputation or virality, it is vital to know what is happening in real time. Social media monitoring and online surveys can help you achieve this.
  • Explore retargeting. Retargeting is one of the key bases to performance optimization in marketing. Customized banners and email marketing campaigns can help you maximize impact and measure results to the smallest detail, so make the most of them!


At the end of the day, performance optimization in marketing is the way you can ultimately optimize all of the channels through which you are interacting with your target.


Estela Viñarás


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