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Countries with more holidays are the most competitive, efficient and happy. Moreover, flexibility and conciliation are aspects that increase the welfare of workers even more in the summer. That is why people are happier and more efficient, as demonstrated by the study Productivity and Employment at the University of Zaragoza. Also, according to Regus, a global provider of workspaces, labor flexibility is one of the factors most conducive to increased effectiveness in summer.
According to numerous studies and specialists in countries where there are vacations by law, there tends to be a correlation between happiness and efficiency, in addition to being the most competitive nations in the working level. Perhaps it is for this very reason that the Swiss, with four weeks of vacation, head the ranking as the happiest country according to the World Happiness Report 2015, conducted at the request of the United Nations.
The desired balance between work and family life during the holidays is another factor that contributes to well being and, therefore, the success of workers in the summer time. The ability to take care of house chores during the working day is the concern of many Spanish parents, who sometimes need to have greater flexibility in summer to combining these two facets.
There is also a correlation between the happiness of a country and its competitiveness. Switzerland, again, leads the World Economic Forum on the competitiveness of countries, which close behind is Finland and Germany, with five weeks to a month off respectively. In terms of efficiency of labor, of the 20 most efficient OECD countries, only one country, the United States, has not regulated vacations and the rest are more than 20 days per year worked.
Spain is one of the countries where workers have more entitlement. Also, interestingly, it is ranked 35th in the Global Competitiveness Report and is at 36 in the World Happiness Report. As if that were not enough, last year Spain scored ahead of Canada and the United Kingdom in efficiency.

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