Investment in mobile advertising will grow 38% in 2016! Find out more!

By David Tomas, on 25 March 2016

It is no secret for digital marketers: mobile advertising is catching on strong in 2016. But do you know how much investment in mobile ads will grow this year? Today I want to tell you show you the data and unveil the keys to mobile advertising in 2016.

The data on investment in mobile advertising in 2016

According to Outsell’s Annual Advertising and Marketing Study, investment in mobile advertising will grow no less than 38% this year. This places it way ahead compared to investment in global advertising, which will increase 4.7% and even digital, which will grow 12.5%. Mobile_Advertising_will_grow_38_in_2016.png

Besides mobile advertising, the other big winners of the year are social ads. According to the people interviewed, Facebook is the best platform to strengthen B2C brands. Within consumer directed marketing, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the favorite platforms, due to their effectiveness on mobile devices, while LinkedIn is the leader for B2B markets.

The study is based on the answers of over 1,500 American marketers who were questioned regarding the amount of their budget they were planning on investing, as well as in what and where they were planning on investing it. 36 different categories were analyzed, in both the B2B and the B2C sectors. Beyond digital, the Annual Advertising and Marketing Study recognizes also investment in press, TV, radio, cinema and events.


3 Trends to make the most of your mobile ads

It is quite clear that mobile advertising is a bet full of potential. But as with all digital marketing tools, its effectiveness depends on whether or not we use it wisely. If you want your 2016 mobile advertising strategy to be successful, don’t lose sight of these 3 trends:

  • Big data. In the words of Randy Giusto, vice-president of Outshell, “CMO’s continue drowning themselves in data as they strengthen their marketing and advertising efforts”. We live surrounded by an ever flowing current of information that does not stop growing, but we run the risk of losing sight of the big picture. It is vital to have people on your team that are able to convert this avalanche of data into insights that support and feed your strategy.
  • Dual screen. According to a recent study carried out by IAB Spain, the best time to run mobile ads are… when the users are watching TV! Consumer habits have changed incredibly over the last few years. Now, their attention is divided between various screens and they do not hesitate in simultaneously using their smartphone while engaging in other activities. Take advantage of this trend to offer coherent advertising where the different channels complement each other to achieve maximum impact.
  • New solutions based on Artificial Intelligence allow us to automate our ads, for them to reach further than ever before. No, I don’t mean replacing your team with a team of robots, but to use specialized technology to your advantage to achieve the best results. With this, you will be able to combine multiple variables in an automatic way, and choose the best ones for your objectives with minimum effort; all while your team focuses their efforts on optimizing creativity and strategy. It’s a win-win!

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