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Facebook is constantly innovating for its APP. Its latest improvements to facilitate the work of developers and marketers are the introduction of a new platform of video advertising and improving the Carousel Advertising. Chris Cox, Director of Product at Facebook, introduced these new trends during his presentation on the day of June 23, 2015 in Cannes Lions Festival - specialized in creativity and innovation -. "You are starting to see many new interactions with mobile. Therefore, we are devoting part of our time to analyzing many of these trends and imagining what they would be like to users in the coming years. We try to give marketers a platform with which they can generate more engagement ".
Mobile has become the current boom. 1.25 billion people each month access to this network via smartphones or tablets, 25% more than the previous year. Only in the first quarter of 2015 73% of company’s advertising went through the mobile, when in the same quarter of 2013 it accounted for only 30%.
Seeing these figures makes it normal for Facebook to focus its efforts on improving the systems and advertising platforms available to advertisers in their App. Always thinking in offering a good user experience, improving engagement, immersing the consumer and increasing the brand value.
Promotional videos in Facebook App (Desktop Video App Ads)
The new tool for Video Advertising in the Facebook App has left the restricted beta, expanding the ability to use creative videos in Facebook ads. This option is available through the Power Editor, Create Ads Tool, and Facebook Marketing API Partners.
Desktop Video Ads App offers the following options:
  • Automatically play videos in News Feed.
  • Offer a Call-to-Action on emerging videos (pop-up videos) that play on the right side of the page. At the end of the audiovisual pieces is the option included to play back the video or install the game.
In addition, Facebook offers several recommendations to create an attractive video and captivate viewers:
  • Create distinctive content that attracts attention during the first 2-3 seconds.
  • Make use of text that does not need a specific sound to understand the content.
  • Post simple and easy to digest videos with correct and compelling content.
  • Make it creative and 15-30 seconds maximum.
  • The landing page that comes after the Call-to-Action must take creative points be interesting and relevant. Because that is where the visitor becomes a lead or customer.


Carousel Advertising (Mobile App Ads With the Carrousel Format)
Facebook has also expanded the capabilities of its Carousel Advertising. Previously it was only available for ads with links or dynamic product advertising, but the same carousel platform can now be used for ads that offer the installation of mobile applications and improve their engagement.
Advertising carousel gives developers and marketers up to five images in one ad unit and Facebook will be responsible for optimizing the order of the images according to the tastes of each user. This tool is available for Power Editor, the API and the Facebook Marketing Partners.

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