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Estela Viñarás (Cyberclick): “We are a happy team”

By Laia Cardona, on 05 August 2015

To enliven these days of summer, we have recovered a recent interview for you that the digital medium PRNoticias did with our partner Estela Viñarás (Client Relations). In it the field of digital marketing and advertising, the way we work in Cyberclick and the prospects for the year 2015-2016 are analyzed. Do not miss it! You'll enjoy reading.
In what services does the agency focus?
In Cyberclick we have specialized in providing services in the digital field, through strategies aimed at attracting traffic results.
Each of the companies in the group have developed their full expertise in specific channels, some examples are SEM, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Social and Content Ads.
What is your differential value and positioning now against other sector agencies engaged in similar aspects of marketing?
People and technology, but especially people. Any professional advanced training sector could create a good campaign and manage it, but there's a big difference between an excellent profile and the mean. That excellence, for us, is at the maximum commitment to results and the ability to offer customers a unique collaboration experience.
To achieve this it is essential to measure the welfare and happiness of all team members. We are a happy team and this is reflected in the way we work and interact in day to day.
Could you tell us one strength and one weakness where we should improve in Spanish marketing?
Marketing companies are innovative, enthusiastic teams with high performance.
As for a weakness, we continue to see a lack of analytical insight, the ability to identify and track appropriate KPI's. Having a good model of attribution is fundamental and here there is still a long way to go.
An aspect or campaign that you may boast at the company.
Achieving the objectives (and overcome if we can) is what we are most proud of any action we do, and of course see that the customer is satisfied in every way and feel us as partners and allies in achieving the results that the company requires.
An example of a multichannel campaign in which the good work of the team is clear is Renfe-SNCF Cooperation, a company for which we drive actions in social profiles, Capture Email Marketing, Social Ads and Content Ads. Specifically parts (html's) worked for Email Marketing have achieved very high rates of conversion, and this has been highly profitable for the project on the part of growing database of clients and visits to the site and blog.
Example from the competition that you admire.
Although not our direct competition, something that caught my attention was the development of the App "Subaru Ski" by Hello Media Group, which has won the award for Best Mobile Marketing Campaign Digital Awards in 2015. This application helps smartphones to know what weather is expected, the quality of the snow and skiing conditions from your favorite ski station.
On the other hand, what would you like to improve in the New Year?
We are focusing on a solution that manages advertising on Twitter (Twitter Ads) programmatically based on decisions in real time and artificial intelligence algorithms. The aim is to maximize the return on investment of Twitter advertisers and impact the most relevant users.
We are also deepening the Native Advertising (Content Ads), a channel that is gaining more and more strength in the online environment and which is based on creating quality content for users, avoiding the classic ads.
Name us some clients that are in your portfolio now.
Today we work with Securitas Direct, Iberia, Jazztel, Renfe-SNCF Cooperation, NH Hotels, DKV, Switzerland Tourism.
What professional profiles are sought in this agency?
The profiles sought are those that typically traditional companies look for. We create multidisciplinary teams composed of, among others, mathematicians, engineers, advertisers, journalists and professionals from all over the world in the company. In everyone there should be two defined and personal values present: the ability to ask questions constantly and admire the other members of the team would be two of the most important aspects.
What have you put the most effort into this year.
Just because our differential value is people, one of the great challenges and difficulties we have is finding the right people. This year we have chosen to grow, which is why we have invested great effort in carrying out all selection processes.
What do you consider to have been the biggest achievement this year for your company?
The recognition of our clients: their results have improved and we want to continue working with more actions on a larger scale. Some of them have even recommended us to other companies and this made us very proud and energizes us to keep growing and improving.
Finally, a desire for the sector of marketing and advertising for the new term.
There is a significant growth in digital commitment, according to the latest data from the IAB Europe in 2014 European countries spent on online advertising 30.7 billion - up 11.8% over the previous year. Clearly, users have migrated and businesses are still halfway there. The field of marketing and advertising needs to bet strongly on the environment where most consumers are today.

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