Cyberclick: World Book Day with a rose and the book "The Happiness Glasses"

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This past Saturday, the 23rd of April, was World Book Day and the streets were full of bookstores setting up their stand to show off their latest additions (online stores highlighted them on their homepage) and several literary events filled the streets and buildings. Moreover, in Spanish-speaking countries, the 400th anniversary of the death of one of their most famous writers was celebrated, Miguel de Cervantes. What did we do at Cyberclick? Reading is one of our great passions, and every trimester we recommend one another books related to personal growth and team building. We would not pass up on celebrating this day!

David, cofounder of Cyberclick, gives us a book related to happiness, every year as a present. It’s a surprise, and until it appears, no one knows what book will show up on their desk on World Book Day. His book of choice for 2016 was "Las gafas de la felicidad” (“The Happiness Glasses”) by Rafael Santandreu. The author is one of Spain’s most esteemed psychologists and specializes in helping people develop their emotional strength. Through his methods, thousands of people have learnt to leave their fears behind them. As he says himself, “Nothing is that bad! It’s up to you to discover what lenses will put your heart and mind into focus. Put on your happiness glasses!”


Our company’s headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain, where World Book Day fall also on St. Jordi’s (or St. George’s) Day, which is pretty much the Catalan equivalent of Valentine’s Day. Which is why, every book is accompanied by a rose.

It has basically become somewhat of a tradition here in our company, and the whole team excitedely awaits their book and rose. Last year, for example, we received the bookAmor en Minúscula” (or “Lower-cased love”) by Francesc Miralles, which came with an autograph and personalized message by the author to each one of us. It’s a fun story that will make you smile, in which the main characters are a stray cat, a curious neighbor, a young love story and a butterfly kiss. These are the ingredients that make up the story. If you’d like to know more, we encourage you to read the book, and this year’s also! Even better, we invite your whole company to read them, to make your company just that little bit happier, just as we do with ours.






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