Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday strongest days for Digital Advertising

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Today November 27th and Monday the 30th consumer madness will be unleashed thanks to Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. But what is the Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday? Black Friday three years ago sounded like an unknown concept to it and now it’s a very strong prop for online sales and digital advertising. It is a day of discounts imported from the United States held every last Friday of November and serves to kick off the Christmas shopping season. In Spain they wanted to implement this to encourage consumption before the holidays, amid the economic crisis. According to a recent study by Worten, 83% of Spanish respondents already know this date. And Cyber ​​Monday is the Monday following Black Friday created to persuade people to shop online.


How times have changed shopping habits

Consumers have become more forward and take advantage of dates like Black Friday to buy in advance as the bargains are quite succulent. 32% of sales were made on this day in 2014 that corresponded to advances in Christmas campaigns and this proportion is expected to keep rising this year. Worten anticipates that 54% of Spaniards have shown a clear intention to buy during Black Friday in 2015, with an average cost around 202€, i.e. 8% more than last year. 

Cyber ​​Monday is the oldest event in Spain and now is in its sixth edition. eDay is the platform that brings our country to brands that evoke Monday rebates on the Internet, which also comes from the United States and came in 2005. Agustin Torres, director of eDay, announced in 2014 that 35% more companies were going to join this day and hoped to exceed 2,000 million euros in turnover. So it boosts consumption, even among the most reluctant to buy online customers.


Specific Digital Advertising Strategy

for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

In just a few years marketers have adapted to the needs of customers, they’ve even incited to join the Super Friday and Super Monday discounts movement to increase their sales. Specific brands organize promotional campaigns around these days and require very specific and short-lived actions the days before. 

Ideally you should start the Monday before and the most effective actions are:

  • Email Marketing: A few days before you should send emails with the most succulent offers and define a period during which purchases can be made online or in person with discounts applied. They are flash offers and this message has to get very clear to consumers. Start sending email marketing campaigns the Monday prior. Resorting to proprietary database and other advertiser's quality, as we know that we will find our target.
  • Social Media Ads: Advertising in social networks is an imperative at this time: our customers are there. In addition, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram allow you to make a very detailed segmentation and reach consumers who are susceptible to our ads.
  • Mobile Ads: Never forget to preform responsive actions in our digital advertising. They have to adapt to all formats and in the environment of mobile devices. As more and more people are looking and buying through Smartphones or tablets or at least make the first search through these devices.
  • Video Ads: Commit to make small videos in your advertising campaigns. It is better connect with the public and people are more likely to watch them. They are still rarely used, but its potential is enormous. Instagram is a tool that is gaining a lot of strength and helps us to reach the younger audience and consumed more frequently.
  • Organic Actions: We all the actions of our marketing strategy must be ads, but organic actions are also essential through social networks, blog, communities and the website of the brand. We have to disseminate the contents of our campaigns by choosing the message well, keywords, include quality images, take advantage of Apps and complementary tools that are offered to each platform and put lots and lots of creativity on our part as marketers. Always aiming to create excellent content that will attract our target audience on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.


Google makes it easier for marketers

Google recently announced that it has released a series of updates and features to make certain actions easier for advertisers and marketers. Tuesday November 24th Google has begun to show what keywords users have introduced just before clicking on ads and also their location. This information is aggregated and anonymous, brands cannot see which consumers are entering their e-commerce, but you get the relevant information.

For example, an interesting fact is that it has offered is that the popular time to buy online during Black Friday is between 2 and 4 pm.

We hope the sales are successful and let us know what has worked in your strategy!



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