9 tips for your video marketing to succeed on social media

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Laia Cardona

If you have read our article from yesterday, about what video marketing is, why it is so important to use it and which social networks are best for your brand (if you haven't yet, it's not too late!), you will fully understand why it is so important and beneficial for your brand to be cashing into this fascinating and winning trend.

In that sense, I would like to take the opportunity today to share with you these 9 tips for your video marketing strategy to be as successful as possible on social media.

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9 tips for the best Video Marketing campaigns

  • Make videos people will interact with. Basically, focus on creating content that people will want and be able to share. Make it as easy as possible and approach topics that people can connect with and reflect upon, that moves them to act or are useful for them.
  • Create emotional content. Aristotle said it first: pathos, provoking emotion, is one of the most effective tools to persuade and move the masses. Video is one of the best formats to provoke an emotional response, so use it!
  • Adapt your videos to each social network’s algorithms. Think about the different ways social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat behave when sharing content. For example, Twitter prioritizes latest news and updates, content on Snapchat is fleeting, where as on Facebook you have larger periods in which you can expect users to react.
  • Include SEO in your strategy. If your videos campaigns include YouTube in particular, it is vital to optimize your SEO to increase your number of playbacks. Each networks has their own positioning strategies however, so don’t forget your SEO homework!
  • The shorter, the better. Although each network has their ideal video length, making your videos shorter will make it much easier for them to succeed.
  • Use storytelling to communicate more effectively. If you truly want to win your users over, and make them remember your brand, tell them an irresistible story! No one wants to see (and much less share) just “another ad”, so be creative and different, and you will win their hearts.
  • Turn the user into the protagonist. For your content to impact a user, they should feel it is talking directly about them. We live in a world overflowing with content, and we have automatically filter out content that we do not connect with. If you want your users’ attention, make them feel like they play a main role in your story.
  • Start off strong. One of video marketing’s greatest enemies are “dropouts”. Many users stop watching videos after only a few seconds, so you really need to reel them in right from the very start. The first 30 seconds are key to make sure they stay with you.
  • Integrate your videos with the rest of your brand. Digital marketing in general, and video campaigns in particular, are just one other ingredient in your brand and advertising strategy. Create videos that reflect what defines you: your style, values and unique personality.

If you need any help, remember we are your digital marketing agency, and that our goal is to help you improve both your branding and performance campaigns.

Are you excited to start creating your first video for social media?

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