7 ways to impact your mobile marketing strategy

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Mobilize or die! This phrase is radical, but hides some truth. Your company has to offer a good experience to consumers through mobile, since nowadays people access more information, messages and advertising content of your company through smartphones.

The challenge is to discover what is the best way to turn mobile phones into your allies and get the consumer experience to be positive and enriching. What can you do to get it? I'll leave 7 ways to impact your marketing strategy for mobile (or Mobile Marketing).


  • Mobiles have changed the way we shop

71% of buyers using loyalty programs use the smartphone to compare prices and 88% say they trust the reviews they read online as well as personal recommendations, these data are drawn from the study "Reality of Retail" by InReality's. Technology has impacted the stores, especially mobile, as they have changed the purchase path between users.

Create an e-commerce is a good option to retain the most frequent users of online shopping and modernize your image.

  • Content Marketing or Content Advertising

Create quality content in your industry to inform and entertain customers. They will appreciate it and you will maximize the customer engagement of your brand! Content Marketing is a type of booming Native Advertising as it prevents invading visual space of the user, but lures the user in with information of great interest. Think that 51% of people who regularly use the Internet do so to read contents, according to the first General Media Study 2015 (EGM).

  • The video is king                                                  

Rescue other data that gives us the latest wave of the EGM, 22 million visitors per month in Spain Youtube! The audiovisual consumer is increasingly associating the user experience online with video experience.

It is a fast and viral method for sending your messages. Create videos to convey useful and captivating content. Short with a single message, so it is loud and clear to viewers. You will be heard and more easily recommended. Your goal is to reach as many people as possible!

Remember that the clips should not last long. Mobile Analytics Report 2015 Citrix warns that 90% of Youtubers spend less than five minutes watching videos.

  • Contact your customers by email via mobile phone

72% of Internet users read email monthly. Contact your clients via email through the phone! And if you’re still not convinced, according to Litmus, 12,000 million emails were opening throughout the world in the year 2014 and about half of this figure was opened from a smartphone or tablet.

Periodically send a newsletter where you summarize the last posts published on your blog, news about your industry, share internal and external videos that might be of interest for your entire customer database, send promotions or offers and let them know of any changes can affect buyers.

  • APP your company

Put your company APP available to consumers. They interact more with you and you will increase the mobile experience with your organization.

It allows people to reserve or buy your services or products through a smartphone application, offers exclusive deals, play fun games designed for points that can be exchanged for physical prizes in the store, among other tactics.

  • SMS, mobile message

SMS seems to be a forgotten thing of the past. Almost a living fossil to be put in a museum. Instant messaging right now succeeds thanks to WhatsApp and Line. But remember that not everyone uses these applications, but instead everyone who has a mobile can receive an SMS. Using this system to contact your customers is a good idea and also it’s a least-used system than email that allows us to send a short and precise message.

Avenue, a clothing company, has realized two important factors among its female clientele: they love and adore their mobile offerings. For this reason, they have based part of its marketing campaign in sending SMS messages with offers, coupons or to present new trends of the season.

  • Web and Email Responsive Versions

More figures! The conversion ratio is 160% higher among consumers shopping sites that are optimized for mobile sites than are not optimized for the smartphone. Being responsive is necessary at this time, both to improve the consumer experience and to improve your own search engine rankings. Google penalizes since April 21, 2015 to all companies that have not adapted their websites.




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