7 fabulous inbound marketing tools for 2016

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Inbound marketing is naturally one of the best investments you can make to attract new customers, but also one of the most costly in terms of time. Therefore, to make inbound marketing easier than ever, today we share seven fabulous inbound marketing tools for 2016. Do not miss it! 


1# Gleam (lead building and social sharing)

With this tool you can create campaigns sweepstakes where users must leave their email or share content to participate. You can create many different types of tasks and define how many users can participate for each drawing. In short, this is a great way to grow your database and gain visibility. Gleam.png

2# Intercom (communication and customer retention)

This customer relationship tool allows you to customize the type of engagement you want with your users. The options are Observe, Engage, Acquire, Learn and Support. And you can send personalized content based on user demographics. Intercom.png

3# Venngage (computer graphics design)

Infographics are the most shared content, but it is not always possible to have a graphic designer in the team, especially in small businesses. An alternative is a tool such as Venngage, which offers many free and premium templates to create your own infographics without design knowledge.


4# Sumome (leads and social sharing)

Sumome offers several interesting options for your inbound marketing campaigns: 

  • Heat maps to analyze visits and clicks on your page.
  • Buttons to share on social networks, with statistics so you can analyze the performance of your content.
  • A system of automated email records that can be activated as pop-up at the time you prefer.


5# Snip.ly (curating of content and calls to action)

Snip.ly is a very interesting tool that lets you superimpose your own message to any type of content. It's a good option to integrate your brand with the most viral content, introducing calls to action with your web. Snip.ly.png

6# Klock.work (generating ideas)

This completely free tool helps you find ideas for your title and content. Besides inspiration when writing articles, you'll also find templates to create infographics to your needs. No more fear of the blank screen! klock_work.png

 7# CoSchedule (planner of contents)

CoSchedule content is a planner that integrates with Wordpress, Google Docs, Evernote and your social networks. So, you'll have a very easy time organizing the publication of your post in your blog and social networks with minimum effort.


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