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5 ways to generate new user contacts

By Jessica Bubenheim, on 09 January 2019

Have you just launched a new product? Or have you been delivering consistent offerings for years, but the streams of new users are coming in less and less? Or are you just looking to increase your new user contacts?

When we first got connected online and started in the scene of digital marketing, it was somehow easy to get new user contacts to enter their data. When email marketing was less saturated, users were at ease to subscribe to your newsletters, or when social media sites had fewer social ads user  felt freer to get in contact and engage with you.  When user contacts were not yet so caught up in their cognitive Adblock and security patterns, but simply open to what was coming. But now with a saturated world of digital content, users are having a tougher time knowing to decipher whether the digital content or activities you are offering them will be worth their attention and data. In any case, the question that seems important to ask, is how do we get the quality digital content that your firm has carefully crafted to quality new user contacts and generate new leads? When both your firm and your target user audience keep their same digital habits, that makes it difficult to break out in order to make new connections.


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Today we’re looking at how you can re-establish yourself digitally, exploring some practical ideas on how to get new user contacts. Surely you know yourself that new users will not just ring the doorbell on you. We have to get out sooner or later to generate new user contacts. Often it's not that easy, but the following tips are a great way to jump-start.


1. Use social media  

The easiest way to get in contact with new users is to use the social media networks. Even if you may have doubts about the effectiveness about using social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram, they are a huge benefit when users are looking to get to know you. Here it’s important to have a complete profile in order to bring the highest sense of transparency, security, and trust to your brand. It's about using these platforms to get in touch with your users, and give them a first impression of your organization’s offering.

In order to get your first impressions, be proactive and seek the users that could be looking for a brand just like you!  In social media sites there are meanwhile groups and communities that have formed for highly specific activities and needs. Simply search for different terms and join the groups. Watch what happens there. Try out different engagement techniques and see what works. Of course you have to be careful here - as everywhere in digital marketing not to appear to be delivering spam or pushing your own agenda. Usually however, you just meet a lot of like-minded leads who could become your most loyal clients in the future.

It is also worthwhile to experiment in search engines in general. Search for forums or blogs relevant to your business activity. Enter keywords relevant to your brand and explore the existing conversations in your field. Just try it out and see what comes up, there may be a whole community of leads waiting for you to get in on the conversation and hear about your offering.


2. Get active

Do you have ideas of fun business activities that you’ve always wanted to take on? Fostering a user self help community through a forum, writing a blog, creating an academy for your most active users, engaging with global users in real time through live streaming? Then this could be the right time to try it out. Explore the various types of online activities that could be relevant for your business area. Checkout the Cyberclick methodology of funnel advertising. The prime objective of the Funnel Advertising Methodology is to impact users through quality content at the most opportune time, adapting over time to fit the client’s needs – depending on where they fall in the buying process. Consumers will find themselves more attracted to your company, especially since you will be offering digital content and online activities that they enjoy. In doing this, you will entice them to come to you, instead of you going to them.

In this way, you always meet users who like what you offer. You almost kill two birds with one stone: you do something that you wanted to do for a long time, and you also get to generate new user contacts.


3. Open up on new plans

 Our experience shows that you can get in contact with new users by openly sharing plans for new business undertakings. That is, when you are planning to launch a new offering, communicate your plans with your existing user base, letting them know what you’ve got planned for them. This will allow you to gauge customer perception through user engagement with your ideas on your communication channels. This will also allow your existing users to recognize whether their contacts could benefit from your new offerings. Maybe someone knows someone who knows someone who needs just what your planning to offer. It’s important to ensure you are ensuring service excellence and keeping your existing user contacts happy, when you are looking for these users to become your brands evangelists and give referrals.


4. Communicate brand personality

The personality of a brand is the concept that determines its values and behavior. Defining a brand personality provides us with guidelines to work properly in your communication.

Successful brands often have defined brand personality and direct all their communication efforts in the same direction. This creates a brand experience that attracts users and generates users to loyal customers. Remember, it’s important to keep your existing user contacts happy, when you are looking for these users to become your brands evangelists and give referrals.

When you ask your existing user for a reference, make sure you communicate that together you are doing a favor to a third person (your brand will solve a problem for this new user). When you emit positivity and confidence in your brand personality, and your users feel in line with your values, your users feel confident to refer you. Your existing user will feel that you will make him look good in front of your referral.

5. Reactivate inactive users

 All brands have experienced a loyal and active brand user all of a sudden falling inactive on them, right? Why is it that an interested user falls silent on us like that?  Often it’s nothing personal, and really has something to do with the users personal relevance for your specific offerings at that specific time.

Has your users context potentially changed? Have your offerings changed? Has your brands positioning in the market changed? Have your brands activities or behaviours changed?

If the answer to either of these questions, you have a chance at reactivating inactive users. A previously loyal user is worth giving a small refresher. Why not try with something like an email retargeting campaign.


Obtaining contact with new users is not an easy task, but it is vital for our business growth, so make sure to keep these these 5 ways to generate new user contacts at top of mind. It’s about the initial step to get conversion, so use these techniques to ensure that that your offer is interesting to your user and implies something valuable and useful for them.

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Jessica Bubenheim

Studying International Business at Warwick Business School. Inspired by Social Entrepreneurs.