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5 inspiring ideas for your content marketing (Part 1)

By Kelly Rogan, on 23 July 2015

We all know that digital marketing mantra: "content is king". Creating quality content is critical to have a strong digital presence, but sometimes the inspiration fails and it is hard for us to find ideas for our content plan. For this not to happen to you again, today we give you five inspirational ideas for your content marketing.
  • Use the FAQ to create content on your blog 
Think of the 20 most frequently asked questions about your product or service and how you could answer them in a didactic way. You have ideas for 20 posts! Besides being a great source of useful content, this will help you save time in customer service: the next time you receive one of these questions, you only have to send the link.
  • It Includes GIFs in your emails to show special offers 
GIFs are back in fashion thanks to social networks like Tumblr or Vine. This is a simple way to communicate with pictures, easy to remember and speaking to Internet users in their own language. Do not miss this opportunity!
  • Partner with influencers to create video content
The video content is one of the most attractive for users, but also one of the most difficult to produce. Therefore, a good way to create video content is associating with influencers like YouTube. A common model of collaboration is the criticisms and opinions about products, but if you need inspiration to go further, you can have a look at the new season of the American brand Wendy's. In any case, remember that a good "casting" is essential: youtubers choose to really be in touch with your audience.
  • Harnesses the power of memes on Facebook
A meme is, by definition, a viral phenomenon. Is there a picture or a video circulating on the wall of all your friends? How could you use it in a humorous way for your brand? Be creative and remember that the goal here is not to sell, but to get likes.
  • Do not forget hashtags
Twitter hashtags are used to classify publications and increase your visibility. Although not usually a good idea to shamelessly exploit the topics of the day, it is valuable if you can use them to talk about your brand in a humorous way and connect with your audience. Be careful not to refer to political or potentially offensive topics. If you manage to find the right combination and hashtag tweet, you can get your brand to thousands in a single publication.

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