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4 motivational speeches in the Growth Summit: Persuasion, Weather, Canvas and Reading

By Kelly Rogan, on 19 June 2015

On Friday June 12 together we attended the motivational talks of 4 speakers: Steve Martin, Ari Meisel, Alexander Osterwalder and Verne Harnish. It was during the European Growth Summit 2015 held in Barcelona, ​​at IESE Business School. Cyberclick, along with Gauss & Neumann and Telemedicin Clinic, were sponsors of the event, because we truly believe that what the speakers convey is what will change the world and motivate entrepreneurs.


Steve Martin told us about the science of persuasion and how to encourage people to act according to the objective that we have set. Of course, with the right techniques and the right decisions. Making small changes can make big hits, such as if we order a menu or menu price adequately perceived by users to a product will be positive and hence decide to consume (or not, because everything can happen otherwise). "Give people something significant, unexpected and customized and used the time to interact with them."

Ari Meisel @Arimeisel, on the other hand, we are encouraged to learn to manage our time and know optimize successfully. Since this is a very important to know to enjoy life to the fullest factor. The work we must report emotion and we have to like it, but if we do it on a reduced time to finish our work commitments we enjoy our family, friends and personal hobbies. "What would you do if you could work one hour a day?".

According to him, these are a number of guidelines for less, get more:

  • Optimization.
  • Automation.
  • Externalization: We can create an External Brain to organize ourselves better. A very useful tool is Evernote: with it we can take notes and always return to memories and ideas of the past. This external brain is a wizard that helps us to delegate.
  • Choose your own hours of work per week.
  • Organization.
  • Check your progress routinely.
  • Healthy Living: Without it we can not make our daily lives. And Ari Meisel says since he had to overcome a disease that doctors today consider chronic, incurable, Crohn Syndrome.

Perhaps the best-known speaker was Alex Osterwalder @AlexOsterwalder, because it is the creator of the famous Business Model Canvas. He explained to the audience how the model was developed, so that any business is consistent, viable and has profitable work. Large companies already use this, such as Coca Cola and MasterCard. To liven up the explanation and pass a theoretical idea to a practical idea, every person in the audience was given two large cardboards and a packet of post its to do different exercises of the Strategy of a Startup with the Method Canvas.

Osterwalder said that a business plan is a document to be executed, not just a compendium of innovative ideas. Therefore, if you do not want startups to fail from the outset you should produce something the public wants and needs. "Do not build anything unless we have evidence that it works."


And finally to end the event, Verne Harnish @Thegrowthguy, the promoter of the European Growth Summit 2015 and a recognized world guru on corporate growth. Almost all the speakers gave talks for about an hour and a half, but he cut his speech in half and for 45 minutes he motivated us through his readings. Because "readers are not necessarily leaders, but many great leaders are great readers of books."

Motivation didn’t lack at any time and the truth is that we all left wanting to repeat this activity next year. Learning is one of our great passions!



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Kelly Rogan

International Business Developer and Digital Marketer at Social & Loyal