40 Marketing Strategies to Launch Your Product
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Discover the marketing strategies that work best for your service or product launch!

We all look for ideas that work when launching our product or service. And creative marketing strategies that help us reach our potential target.

In this free ebook: "40 marketing strategies to launch your product", we have collected marketing actions that work and that will help inspire you with your launch.

In recent years the term "growth hacking" has become very popular, which refers to non-traditional digital marketing strategies to ensure accelerated growth. Also the use of technologies and artificial intelligence, in order to facilitate a launch and customize it to the extreme before a large audience. Without the use of technologies it is difficult to grow today in the online environment.

Ideas that you will find are:

  • Buzz Marketing
  • Geolocated marketing
  • Strategy of influencers and micro influencers
  • Webinars
  • Public relations and press releases.

Discover the others in the ebook.


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