Twitter Ads Optimization 

Twitter Tech MarketingWith over 320 million active profiles all around the world, twitter emerges today as an advertising platform and the ultimate example of cross-device interaction between consumers and brands. Twitter Ads allows you to coordinate your actions according to your business objective, hence attracting quality visitors to your website and generating app installations, leads or video playbacks.

By adding technology to amplify its already powerful potential, Cyberclick created the Twitter Tech Marketing (T2M) tool. So you may be asking, how can T2M improve your marketing strategy?

  • Mass campaign generation. T2M allows you to simultaneously and automatically generate thousands of ads and audience segmentations, hence discovering the messages and profiles with the best possible ROI.

  • Artificial Intelligence optimization. The campaigns are optimized using algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence. In just a few days and with little investment, you will be able to find out which ads attract higher levels of interaction and are more profitable for your business.

  • Improved results. The tool keeps active only the campaigns that truly find themselves within your target CPA, CPI or CPL, in order for your investment to support only the best performing ads and segmentations.

  • Access to data. T2M also lets you supervise your campaigns and results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a simple and very visual dashboard that displays the evolution of your KPIs.

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