Campaigns designed by Cyberclick are based on the creation of very solid keyword-level structures and the implementation of a parallel technology that allows them to compete in real time. All the technology created is customized for every sector in which their campaigns compete.

  • Traffic: Finding the blind spots in the words of your campaigns can lead to a turnaround in their profitability. We evaluate the universe of words in each campaign, and we proactively search for those that do not fit or might be misinterpreted.

  • CTR: We create advertisements that not only maintain a good CTR, but also attract good buyers to your web and optimize the advertising of your business.

  • Quality Level: This parameter is responsible for explaining how an ad in the first position of Google Adwords can have a lower CPC than the one in the second or third position. Improving the quality level of a Google Adwords account is an ongoing optimization task.

  • Conversion Rate: We ensure attracting relevant traffic to your web by changing the copy of your ads, their structure, and identifying “star” products or services. All this is supported by analytical analysis and heat maps that tell us what the users demand.

  • CPC: We only step on the CPC “gas pedal” once the appropriate work is done, and knowing that we have a winner company... Then it’s betting time!

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