Retargeting has greatly influenced advertising expenditure, particularly in display. This modality allows us to impact users of whom we have some type of information, data that provides an invaluable contribution to advertising.

From our perspective, any online advertising campaign should have some retargeting planned action. For this reason, we work this type of advertising through different avenues, like search engines, in display, Facebook or email marketing. After all, the aim is to impact the user in light of the information collected from them (thanks to the previous searches they have done on the Internet).

A new user is not the same as a recurring customer: for the new user, we must focus on bringing about the conversion, and for the new user, we must maintain their loyalty to convert them into regular customers.

One of the keys to retargeting is the optimization algorithms and the number of impacts obtained, as well as the type of advertising purchase we do. In this sense, it is essential to keep in mind what technological platform and which algorithms will be used for optimization.

Ideally, our goal is to always work with optimization algorithms based on final conversions and not so much based on intermediate actions, such as algorithms to generate more clicks.

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