coregistrosCoregistros is focused on qualified user database collection through our co-registration actions, email marketing on their own lists, viral marketing actions, sweepstakes and promotions, and exclusive campaigns on social networking sites. The ultimate solution to attract users and convert them into customers without you having to worry about anything. We only get paid for results. To this end, we have a team of associates, such as exclusive affiliates, content creators, technicians, designers, and all the online marketing experience for multiple clients.

We collect database information directly through shared records in related websites, through email sending or through viral actions, sweepstakes and in social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook...), for which we:

  • Create proprietary content, all advertising formats, exclusive microsites and their management.
  • We have proprietary email lists that we can send out as well as technology to foster the loyalty of your current customers.
  • Turnkey solution: We take care of everything so your only concern is to offer what you know about: your product or service to the potential customer.
  • And additionally, all kind of actions by results: SEM, SEO, leads, list broker... everything, so we can become your online marketing strategic associate partner.
  • We accomplish all this after clearly understanding the needs of the advertiser, the target audience, making an online marketing plan with the goals, strategy and detail of actions, analyzing results and continuous thorough testing.

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