Content Marketing

The overload of traditional advertising forms and the shift in user behavior has given rise to the age of Content Marketing. Outbound strategies are no longer enough, and content will attract very significant traffic that can no longer be reached through explicit advertising.

If you create relevant and truly useful content you will turn your brand into an expert in your sector, positioning it in users’ minds who will then remember it later.

We will help you outline an excellent content plan, and design a paid media strategy, perfect for attracting potential clients:

  • Definition of a content strategy: we analyze needs and specific targets to pin down the best strategy: themes, necessary tools, campaign intensity and length, use of preexisting content, etc.
  • Content generation: we offer counseling in the definition of areas of interest, as well as their focus, editing and format.
  • Global project management: we take care of everything from the set up of the campaign, the optimization of the website or blog, the behavior analysis of each source and the lead nurturing process.
  • Traffic acquisition: we work to acquire users through various paid media channels (Emailing, Content Ads, Social Ads, SEM…), which we are constantly testing to guarantee the optimum acquisition cost.

One of the channels we most strongly rely on when dealing with these kinds of projects are Content Ads. They are informative ads displayed on websites and blogs, which are recommended for their relation and affinity with the content or post that is being read at the time. These ads are a natural, subtle and unobtrusive way to attract attention, which is why they are able to attract user who do not respond to more standard advertising formats. Content Ads allow a presence on reputable websites, an increase in medium term, brand-specific searches and to learn from content that most interests your public, to be able to ace your product’s communication strategy.

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